I am originally from Jackson, MI where my father & grandfather owned and operated a Standard Oil service station. My father put himself through college and ended up working for IBM Rochester in 1959. The whole family moved to Rochester in 1960 where I have lived and grown up and have my own family. My wife Mary, sons Josh & Torin & 3 grandchildren.

I began my career as a Realtor in 1986. When interest rates were very high but land and materials were cheap. Then I could have sold you a brand new home with lot, two car garage and appliances for $69,900. Times and the real estate industry have definitely changed. Mostly for the better I think.

My point here is that although I have seen and lived through many industry changes and various market cycles. I still enjoy helping folks through the buying, selling & building process called real estate. There’s just something for me that gives such satisfaction in guiding people through a complex process, knowing in most cases, this will be their largest financial decision in their lifetime. The byproduct is the human relationships created along the way. Once I have earned people’s trust, it’s surprising how much they will share with me, and that just makes the relationship that much deeper and meaningful. Let me earn your trust, so I can be your real estate consultant for life.