Are you tired of the high costs of running your own brokerage? Do you wish to be a part of a strong community of real estate professionals who support each other in every type of transaction? Are you working with a different brokerage that is keeping to much of your commissions, dictating how you should run your business, or is costing you too much money every month? Look no further than Property Brokers of Minnesota!

As a member of our network, you have the freedom to run your business independently with extremely low costs. You can keep more of your hard-earned commissions and focus on growing your business. We offer a network of professionals to learn from, and network with. We strongly encourage every Realtor to obtain their broker’s license and have financial incentives to achieve this license.

The biggest tool we provide is our reputation. Our Realtors have a reputation for being the best of the best, with substantial experience and a commitment to working under the Realtor Code of Ethics. We support each other and collaborate to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Property Brokers of Minnesota has always been a family run brokerage. It was founded in 2006 by Harvey Ratzloff where Harvey hand-picked Realtors based on their knowledge, expertise, and experience. Today, Property Brokers of Minnesota is owned and managed by Brian and Alisa Rossow, and they are carrying on the tradition of putting the Realtor before the brokerage.

Join our network and be a part of a community of experienced and independent Realtors who are committed to excellence. Property Brokers of Minnesota’s business model is designed to help YOU succeed. You have unlimited opportunities to grow your business-contact us today to learn more about how you can become a member of Property Brokers of Minnesota!