I’ve been involved with South East Minnesota Real Estate since 1997, and obtained my Broker Associate license in 2009. I have knowledge on almost every type of transaction as I started my Real Estate career as a property manager, transitioned into traditional residential Real Estate in 2002, listed foreclosure homes during the market downturn,  and have assisted with multiple commercial property sales. I have sold foreclosed homes for over 40 different lenders/ foreclosure companies including Wells Fargo, HUD, Fannie Mae, US Bank, Chase, Bank Of America, CITI Bank, and GMAC. The foreclosure volume has allowed me to be a part of almost 1,000 transactions, and the experience from those sales has been amazing. I’ve also served on the local MLS board of directors including serving as the MLS President. My MLS director position has helped me stay on the cutting edge of all Real Estate technology. It also has allowed me to meet both local and national Politicians to discuss and improve ways for Americans to achieve home ownership, and continue to enjoy tax advantages through Real Estate.

I would be honored if you let my experience and knowledge help with your next sale or purchase.

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